San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital Auxiliary

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    The Hospital Auxiliary was organized a month prior to the opening of the hospital in 1951. Primary activities of the Auxiliary include operation of a Gift Shop and Thrift Shop along with countless hours donated monitoring the information desks, and provide direct support in various patient and non-patient departments including the Emergency Department, Physical Therapy, Transitional Care Unit, Radiology, the Women's Center, and various departments throughout the hospital. All proceeds generated by the Auxiliary are in turn donated to the Foundation to support San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital.

    Important Members
    The hospital considers the Auxiliary members important members of the hospital team. Volunteers feel it is a privilege to serve in the special environment of healthcare. Their support assists in providing the finest possible care and serves as a valued resource!

    Interesting Facts
    Formed in January 1951 (2 months before the hospital accepted their first patient)

    From 1951 to 1981 - performed routine tasks such as serving as the visitor's desk, making tray favors and having an occasional fundraiser. They also operated a small showcase in the lobby with patient necessities such as combs, stationary, snacks, etc.

    After the renovation and expansion of the hospital in 1978 (completed in 1981) the auxiliary opened a Gift Shop in the hospital lobby.

    In 1982 the Thrift Shop was opened in the Quonset Hut on the northwest corner of the hospital campus. In July 1998 the Thrift Shop moved to a 5,000 square foot store front in the Stagecoach Plaza at 3453 West Ramsey in Banning. Profits from all of the Auxiliary activities have been used to buy various hospital equipment and furniture. These include the electric doors in the lobby and much of the renovation of the Physical Therapy department in 1994.

    In 1995 the Auxiliary pledged $250,000 to the hospital foundation to kick-off the $2.6 million Sharing The Vision Campaign to build the new Women's Center. By the time the $3.7 million campaign was completed in 2002 the Auxiliary had contributed more than $600,000.

    In addition, the Auxiliary gives approximately $3,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors aspiring to attend college and major in any phase of the medical profession. They continue to do additional projects such as the recent purchase of 4 wheel chairs for patient use.

    Today there are approximately 125 volunteers, both men and women, donating over of 35,000 hours annually. Members of the Auxiliary are found throughout the hospital - at the front desk, in the Emergency Department, Diagnostic Imaging, Physical Therapy, Transitional Care Unit, Obstetrics, running the information desk, Gift and Thrift Shops, and in assorted offices throughout the hospital. Their value of service is estimated at over $400,000 annually if the tasks they performed were to be done by employees.

    The Auxiliary is a major contributor to the hospital foundation. They just completed the fourth year of a six-year $500,000 pledge. In 1997 they were the hospital's Perfect Partner and again in 2009.

    Their orientation and training consists of everything that an employee goes through including patients rights, confidentiality, TB test, dress code, competency assessment, emergency procedures, JCAHO requirements, etc. They also participate in annual updates as required. They are covered under the hospital Workers' Compensation (for medical only).

    They operate under their own by-laws, officers and maintain their own financial records which are reviewed by hospital staff monthly.

    The Auxiliary welcomes any questions or comments. If you are interested in serving with the Auxiliary, you may contact Shirley Metz (Volunteer Coordinator) at 769-2137 or e-mail her at

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