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High Standards
San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital (SGMH), is recognized throughout the Inland Empire as a community hospital committed to the highest standards in healthcare. The hospital's emphasis on stringent patient safety protocols and continuous quality improvement are evidenced by a dedicated physician/staff team who tirelessly support patient integrity, treatment innovation, and service excellence.

A Hospitalist

During your stay at SGMH you may be under the medical care of a Hospitalist. A Hospitalist is a physician assigned to SGMH by your medical group. The role of the Hospitalist is to coordinate your care in the hospital, monitor your progress and assist with your discharge planning. The Hospitalist also facilitates consultations with other specialists as medically necessary. The Hospitalist assumes the role of your primary care physician while you are in the hospital and will communicate with your primary physician as needed.


Being in the hospital can be overwhelming and scary. When you are sick, both you and your family are concerned, and don't always know what to expect. You don't always know what is "normal" or what is "unusual" for your condition.

If at anytime during your stay at SGMH you experience a change in your medical condition that concerns you or your family, immediately notify your nurse. If you have told your nurse, and would like additional assistance or evaluation, dial 55 and ask for the Rapid Response Team. Give your name, room number, and a brief description of your concern.

The Rapid Response Team is a team of medical professionals who will respond immediately. They will go to your bedside and assess what additional medical help is needed.

Please don't hesitate to call the team if you, or a family member feels that additional medical help is needed.

Your health is our Number One priority.

To access the Rapid Response Team, dial 55

We hope the following information will be of interest to you. We're your community hospital, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

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