THE WOMEN'S CENTER Healthcare For Birth and Beyond...

A Touch of Home, Close to Home
The Women's Center at San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital in Banning is a 15,000 square foot facility specializing in the health of women of all ages. The Women's Center provides birthing, diagnostic, surgical, and preventative medicine services in a patient friendly environment. Women in the pass area now have the convenience of a facility "close to home"...a facility second to none, staffed by experienced OB/GYN physicians, nurses and support personnel.

For Birth...
Four private labor, delivery and recovery rooms (LDR) are designed to capture the comfort and amenities of a hotel suite for a healthy, personal birthing experience. The mother moves from labor to delivery then recovery all in one place. State of the art fetal monitors check the fetus, maternal blood pressure, cardiac status and oxygen levels. Surgical lighting is recessed into the ceiling and ready to assist the doctor and his assistants at a moments notice.

After delivery, the newborn remains in the same room with mother and family. Each LDR room is equipped with an infant warmer and crib along with oxygen and other support equipment if needed.

PostPartum Patient Rooms
Eight private postpartum rooms are available if the LDR rooms are needed for other patients. For our patients' comfort and convenience, each room is equipped with individual bathrooms and showers.

Private Courtyard
A beautifully landscaped and fully secured exterior courtyard offers a perfect setting for mothers to get some sunshine and fresh air with their newborns and to visit with family and friends.

Newborn Nursery
This nursery is designed to accommodate infants unable to room with their mother as a result of the infant's or mother's health. The nursery has an outside/inside viewing window.

Infant Security System
Infants are banded at birth with a device programmed to set off an alarm if the infant nears an exit. Locked doors with cameras and communication system assure maximum prevention for infant abduction.

Nurses' Station
Designed for the constant surveillance of patients and all unit activities, the station has a centralized fetal monitoring system. Call lights from each room with speaker systems allow instant two-way communication between patient and nurse.

When mother and child leave...
Equal in importance to the birthing process are the follow-up services offered by the Women's Center. Follow-up home visitation and social services offer help with infant care, well-baby checks and integrating the newborn child with the family. In addition, upon leaving the Center, a gift bag filled with important items for the newborn and mother are presented to the family.

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