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Tree of Life

Honoring Babies Born Here
Since 1991, a symbolic Tree of Life permanently located just outside the Maternity Department doors has sprouted bright green leaves in honor of babies born here.

Each green metallic leaf is engraved with the full name and date of birth of every baby who is honored with a Tree of Life membership.

How to Order
To honor your baby, your grandchild or the baby of a special relative or friend born at San Gorgonio, contact foundation office at 951-769-2137.

Gift Card Included
The Hospital will acknowledge your gift to the baby's parents with a personalized card.

A Better Life for Others
Your $25 Tree of Life gift to the Hospital Foundation will provide vitally needed community medical services.

As the years go by, Tree of Life branches are filled by entire families, multiple generations and sets of grand-children.

The Tree of Life is the one gift that celebrates new life while bringing a healthier life to our community.

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