San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital

Mission Statement

Mission, Vision, and Values

Why we exist: Our Mission

San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital, with its community and professional partners, ensures the local availability of quality primary healthcare, education, and wellness promotion and patient safety. Services are improved and adapted continually to meet or exceed national standards and evolving local customer needs.

What we are striving to become: Our Vision

San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital will be viewed as a progressive, innovative, model community healthcare system, and will be recognized for excellence in patient care and responsiveness to customer needs.

What we believe in: Our Values

The core values of San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital are the guiding principles for all we do, shaping our interactions with those whom we are privileged to serve.


We always make decisions and act consistently to reflect the highest ethical standards and support an organizational culture based on honesty and trust.


We always encourage an environment that fosters the development of practical solutions in order to respond to changing regulations and evolving customer needs.

Team Work

We always strive to work together in a synergistic manner using open communication to achieve success in all our relationships.


We always strive to deliver unparalleled service, high quality results.

All of us at San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital - employees, physicians, board members, and volunteers - are committed to our core values and work to make them present in our relationships with one another and with those we are privileged to serve. Our values continue a tradition of excellence and a dedication to help heal all we touch.

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