October 22, 2009

San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital is changing its visitor policy to try to limit the spread of swine flu among patients and staff. It is limiting visitors to healthy adults 18 years or older, and no more than two adult visitors at a time per patient. The Emergency Department may limit visitors to 1 during the flu season and during high volume days.

The hospital which generally has an open visitation policy, is following the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and is asking anyone with chills, a cough, sore throat, runny nose, muscle or joint pain, or any inkling of the flu to stay away until symptoms subside. The hospital is also stopping visits by those younger than 18 to provide a safe environment to its patients and staff. "This particular strain of flu, called 2009 H1N1, spreads very easily among children," said Hilary Falconer, Director of Infection Control. "Restricting visitors to healthy adults will help maximize safety for everyone, though people can be contagious for up to 24 hours before their own symptoms appear," Falconer continued. Exceptions will be made for those wishing to visit terminally ill patients.

These restrictions go into effect immediately.

Siblings are allowed in OB if accompanied by a responsible adult.

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