Because our goal is to provide you with the best possible care during your stay in the hospital, it is our desire to not only give attention to your physical needs, but to make it possible for you to receive the spiritual care you may desire.

The Chaplains make daily rounds throughout the hospital, and are available to those who desire their company. If you would like to speak to a hospital Chaplain, please call extension 2137 or ask your nurse to make the request.

The Chaplain is an understanding friend and confidant. The Chaplains provide a listening ear and a pastoral point of view. They are an advocate for patient rights. The Chaplains are a vital part of the healthcare team that provides excellent and complete patient care.

The Chaplains:
Provide spiritual support
Provide an avenue for ethical discussions
Encourage the discussion of pain, fear and other concerns.
Are concerned with issues surrounding death.
Provide comfort in the middle of fear, anxiety and loss
Nurture the process of forgiveness and reconciliation
Respect the confidentiality of the patient
Are sensitive to the patient's illness and needs
Are available for family conferences.

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